18- M1 HumiditiCup


  • M1 HumiditiCup
  • Specifications
  • Input: 100V~240V/50Hz~60Hz
  • Item dimensions: 153x50x84 h cm
  • Item weight: 360 gr
  • It's what you need!
  • Lower power consumption with 0.5 Watts only
  • Ribbon cable for easy & reliable power connection
  • Large LED display
  • Easy humidity value setting and calibration by user
  • There is alarms indication for low water and fan error
  • Power port and external fan port is able to be exchanged.
The only difference is the cartridge height. S1 has shorter cartridge and more suitable for table humidor.

M1 has higher cartridge and more suitable for cabinet humidor. You may use M1 for a table humidor if the room inside is enough.