Humidifier B250 BRUNE

  • Brand: Brune
  • Product Code: B250


Product information "Humidifier B 250"

Air Humidifier B250 increases air humidity efficiently

The Air Humidifier B250 offers one a comfortable indoor climate with significant health benefits and also protects valuable hardwood floors. Optimal air humidity has been shown to prevent respiratory illness and anyone who uses this air-humidifying device will quickly come to value the many benefits it provides. The Air Humidifier B250 is a high-powered disc-wheel humidifier, which is operated completely electronically and is based on the evaporation principle. The device is conveniently equipped with three varying fan speeds, whereby the automatic setting will automatically reduce or increase the fan speed as required. This air-humidifying device provides a comfortable air humidity level in spaces up to 500 m³. It is ideal for use in domestic living spaces, as well as in professional workspaces.

Achieve a favourable level of air humidity with this modern disc-wheel humidifier

The Air Humidifier B250 is guaranteed to impress due to its high technical standards. The fully automated control system and electronic humidity switch are complemented by a multi-speed fan and a practical water level indicator. Incoming air is purified through a special filter and redistributed through a rotating filter disc-wheel, which is outfitted with a large evaporation surface. Moisture from the air is then collected and finally evenly redistributed throughout the room without the risk of surface condensation. The easy-to-use control panel provides you with real-time information about the air humidity and the water level. Users can program the machine to maintain a desired humidity level based on individual comfort. Thanks to specially integrated electronic sensors, the Air Humidifier B250 continuously measures the relative humidity and adjusts automatically to compensate for decreases. The device is also equipped with a practical keypad lock, which can be opened quickly with a code in order to prevent unauthorized changes to settings.


The B 250 humidifier operates on the basis of the cold evaporation principle, generally recognized as being the best. Air is taken in through a special air filter to provide additional cleaning. The air then passes through a rotating, moist filter disk whose special pore structure provides a particularly large evaporation surface area. Here, the air absorbs the required level of moisture. The air, which is now humidified is then uniformly exhausted into the ambient air, without precipitating.


Everything you need is available at a glance. The operator panel is clearly laid out and shows everything necessary. By simply pressing the corresponding button you can change the settings for air flow and humidity to suit your needs. The highest level of comfort and precision reflecting the latest state of the art.

Humidity regulation

The B 250 always keeps you informed. An integrated electronic sensor measures the current relative humidity and indicates it on the display. You define and save your desired humidity level and the unit assumes full control for its regulation.

Water level indicator

The water reservoir does not need to be removed. The operator panel displays the current water level in the humidifier. If the reservoir is empty, the unit automatically switches itself off, and a flashing indicator signals that water must be added.

Keypad lock

To avoid unauthorized access to the humidifier controls, a special key combination can be used to prevent input. This assures you that your settings are permanently saved and can only be changed by an authorized procedure.


  • Dimensions (W x H x D)60 x 67 x 30 cm
  • Weight (empty) approx. 19 kg
  • Electric supply 230V / 50 Hz
  • Performance intake approx. 50 Watt
  • Evaporation performance 1,2 ltr./h at 23°C and 45 % r.h.
  • Air flow 300/500 m³/h
  • Supply connection 2 m
  • Operating noise 34-40 dBA (depending on blower setting)
  • Water supply approx. 25 ltr.
  • Color housing: grey-white / exhaust-grid: signal-grey
  • Safety Mark CE
  • Use for rooms up to 500 m³
  • suitable for humidor up to 20 m³ at 70 % r.h.