GP003 'Zippsy' Pipe Set with 2 Titanium Bowls

  • Product Code: GP003


The 'Zippsy' kit is THE complete set for the 'original' ganjapreneur. It contains a 2-parts pipe, turned out and made of rosewood, in the style of a 'Zippsy' pipe - the classic pipe from Morocco! Due to the long smoke path, the hand pipe has a smooth aromatic flavor. Safely stowed in the practical box.

2 additional bowls (different sizes) from 'Black Leaf' are also included. Made of titanium and accompanied by 5 matching screens. Last but not least, a cleaning tool completes the kit.

Material: Rosewood, Brass

Color: brown

Length: 410mm

System: 2-part

Supplies: 2x Titanium Bowl, 2x Screen, Tool