508-37 Butterfly Fairy Tobacco Pouch


PU Artificial leather Tobacco Pouch for 30gr with magnet.
Size of the pouches:
15.1cm x 7.8cm (closed size)
15.1 x 23.6cm (opened size)

Detail of the pouches:
1. Inside the leather there are 4 magnets (size 15mm x 2mm) and it is closed by Hidden magnet closing system.
2. With a pocket for holding the cigarette paper inside.
3. With a zipper pouch at the back for lighter or filters.
4. Pouches lined with quality latex material so as to keep the tobacco moist.
5. We can make the digital printing with your favorite designs
(in this case minimum quantity 288pcs per printing image)
6.Tobacco packet fits conveniently inside the pouch.

Tags: Tobacco Pouch