Cigar mini cabinet cooler

  • Product Code: 148


Features of C150A wooden cigar humidor:


1. Vertical-flow wind cooling, no frost, and temperature is controlled between 18-22 °C(±1°C).  

2. Unique wet film for humidification and humidity range is 60~70% (±1%).  

3. Humidifying by no hydrone whitening and atomization.  

4. Condensation water and moisture recycling circulating system insures maximum extension of time for humidity control.  

5. Cherry or oak wooden furniture appearance and environmental protection paint with no formaldehyde (authorized) and non-smelly.  

6. LCD touchscreen for temperature and humidity display.  

7. Hollow double-layer glass door could demonstrate the cigar clearly.  

8. Colorful wooden inner face.  

9. Spanish cedar for racks sends out a wood flavours and the racks are free to adjust.  

10. Built-in intelligent low-heat light.  

11. Security lock is included.

12. Options for characteristic wooden materials and colors. 

Power Source: Electric

Refrigeration Type: Compressor Refrigerator

Temperature Zone : Single-Zone

Temperature Control: Adjustable Thermostat

Installation : Freestanding

Certification : CE, RoHS

Capacity : more than 300pcs

Dimensions (L x W x H): 600(L) * 610(W) * 820(H) mm

Power (W): 140

Voltage (V): 220

Brand Name :Raching 

Model Number : C150A cigar humidor