SMOKE-2R Set Hanniccok Cigar Lighter, Cigar Cutter and Cigar Astray

  • Product Code: SMOKE-2R


 Set Cigar LighterCigar Cutter and Cigar Astray.

Material: metal

Cutter Size : approx 95*45 mm (3.74 * 1.77 inch) , Cutter Hole diameter: 22mm (55 ring)

Lighter Size : approx 135*50*38 mm (5.31*1.97*1.49 inches)

Ashtray Size : approx 146*120*26 mm (5.75*4.72*1.02 inches)

Color: As shown in the pictures

Adjustable flame

Lighter is refillable

Package Includes:

1x cigar Lighter

1x cigar Cutter

1x cigar Ashtray

Note: Due to air mail regulation, all lighters are empty, no gas

Tags: Cigar Accessories Set