Humidifier B120

  • Brand: Brune
  • Product Code: 2673


The Air Humidifier B120 is also outfitted with an ample water tank, making it suitable for use over an extended period of time. As soon as the optimal humidity level is reached for the given room temperature and the air can no longer be humidified, the device stops the humidification process. The principle of humidification prevents moisture condensation and calcification on furniture and fixtures, as well as excess humidification. When used in combination with an external humidity switch, the Air Humidifier B120 is ideal for use in humidors, display cases or sales counters and is suitable for the proper storage of tobacco products at a humidity level of 70% in spaces up to 6 m³.

Dimensions (W x H x D) 46,6 x 29,1 x 27,0 cm

Weight (empty)approx. 3,6 kg

Electric supply230 V/50 Hz

Performance intakeapprox. 25 Watt

Evaporation performanceup to approx. 900 g/h at 25°C and 20% r.h.

Supply connection2 m

Operating noiseapprox. 34 dBA

Water supplyapprox. 11 ltr

Colorwhite or black

Safety MarkCE

Use for rooms up to130 m³

suitable for humidor up to6 m³ at 70 % r.h. without cooling