23-CA Electric Humidifier


Electric humidifier for cabinets up to 4 cbm Size 22x13.5x13.5 cm h.

The electric humidifier with hygrostat is studied for the best comfort of your cigars.
It works humidifying cigars very slowly to prevent mushrooms and bacteria.
A small ball inside the device has to turn and become wet.
The forced ventilation dries up the ball and the air become wet coming out.

You fill water when the ball makes intense noise.

The light turns red when the humidity is lower than the one we have set on the hygrostat.

Without water the light turns red and reminds you to add water.
• Pls. add distilled water with one or two drop chlorine bleach only.
• Regulate the humidity remote control as follows to grant the ideal quantity of water in your cigars at any temperature

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